What is ghosting?

Not sure where this goes, but what exactly is ghosting? I am a little confused by what ghosting is on a live server. Is anyone able to clear up my confusion?

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It’s something that shouldn’t happen on the training server. Just expert. It means u get like temporarily restricted

Well, a ghosting is basically when you repeatedly do something that is not allowed you are ghosted and made invisible to everyone else for the rest of that session and can’t access the server for 7 days, if you keep getting ghostings you can be suspended from the Expert server for a year


This is when you are made invisible to other players as a result of poor behaviour or inexperience, this is utilised by ATC controllers on the expert servers and mods to ensure their are not pilots in direct violations of the rules.


Got it, thanks guys! I really appreciate clearing that up for me.


Might be worth giving this one a read 😁


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