What is GER alliance?

I keep seeing people with “GER ALLIANCE” in their display name. But what is this? It’s not a VA/VO so I don’t understand.


It may be one of those outside groups, whether they be a Facebook group, Discord server, Reddit community, etc. Haven’t bothered doing the research though.


I did some research but I couldn’t find anything related.

So the German Alliance is a Facebook VA Group from IFFG. They currently are not IFVARB approved! The group contains roughly 100 members from the countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium. You can find their website here to read up on it…


The link doesn’t work @Balloonchaser

Nice 100+ members. I have never heard about them.

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@Jan_W may help here

I just looked at the Facebook group they have over 20,000 members and GER has 94 members.

I‘m the founder, nice to meet you!
I‘m flattered to see my VO being mentioned. We‘ve been around for 1,5 Years now.
Of course we are not yet IFVARB approved, since I’m not able to apply.

If you have any questions, I‘ll be more than happy to answer.

Feel welcome to visit us on our:
Instagram Community ID
Our YouTube Channel
Our Homepage



Answered above ☝️