What is FPV

I was recently flying and also I was curious on what FPV or Flight Path Vectors did. I know what they are but the button has not done anything in my FPLand I am just wondering at what it is supposed to do or what it does.

It’s that little dot/arrow (so scientific I know) you see on the hud.


Here you go, it’s that little blob with two arms in the middle. image


Could you show me a picture I still dont know what you are talking about

Ahh ok I see now. But what does it make the dot do exactly when it is on or off.

It disappeares when you turn it off.

Many questions can be answered by using the search function.


Does it cause for any forum of benefit or what. Qhen it disappears is it to not obscure your vision or what.

Chris posted the link to a thread where the whole thing is explaining pretty good.

I could have posted that link right away, but I always wanted to use the word „blop“ in a sentence.

Just kiddin, forgot about that topic. Just read that, it’s actually a good explanation.

I just checked the thread out and it was much help. Thankyou all for the help.

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