What is for you the most annoying?

Like the title says, what is for you the most annoying thing when you are ATC?
I really hate it when people: - are afk at a taxiway, so they’re blocking it (especially on holding shorts)
- ask for frequency change, even though they were already instructed
- don’t change to my frequency (for example for approach)
- are unpatient
I know it kinda sounds like I’m blaming a lot of people here, but it really gets frustraiting…


I’d suggest joining IFATC because you can’t do anything about this issue on the training server.

Is there a grade requirement?

Here are the requirements…

You have to complete the IFATC tests and then they’ll approve (or not approve) you depending on wether you’re good enough.

Well, the problem is I am only grade 2 and i still need like 15k xp…
But thanks for the information.

Put IFATC in your crosshairs, you’ll meet those requirements in no time.

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I did put up a post about what annoys me some time ago …and a solution…but it wasn’t aproved …sadly:

I hate when you say “Hold short at runway XX” and people line up, and also when you say “Line up and wait at runway XX” and people Hold short, this is so annoying!!!

I’m an IFATC, but we still have our issues with pilots. Usually it’s pilots not understanding there left to right, especially when you give them pattern instructions.

Fly expert :)

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