What is Floor: SFC?

What do these red circles mean? why is a restriction red circle on EGKK? and how many times of NOTAM restrictions are there?

They are TFRs - the one around Gatwick is indicating that Runway 08L/26R can only be used as a taxiway.

There are several of these in place across the globe.

They are usually indicating a runway closure or indicating only a certain range of aircraft are allowed there (ie only GA/Light aircraft)

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The red circle is called a TFR: temporary flight restriction. Many airports around the world have them and they include special instructions like aircraft size restrictions and single runway usage (like the one at EGKK).

Now that BennyBoy beat me I’ll add the SFC stands for surface. So the restriction is at the surface because it is about a runway at the airport. At other airports like VNLK they’ll be up to FL180, meaning that no large aircraft can be on the ground at the airport or in the airspace surrounding it.


More abbreviations. Great!

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Hahaha yeah - unfortunately this industry is full of abbreviations that if you become an IRL pilot, you would need to know from memory.

Does this mean that, if you are not landing here, then you must be above FL180?

Thanks ;) That was helpful

Generally yes, but for example I believe the KLGA TFR is up to FL180. Obviously if you’re going to or departing from JFK you’re gonna be over LGA at a low altitude. You’ll never be reported for something like that as long as it’s clear you’re not landing at the airport with the TFR.

very confusing. but thanks

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