What is Everyone’s Favorite Thing to do on a Airplane?

What is everyone’s favorite thing to do on a airplane

Well, theres not much to do an a plane really…

On long hauls I spend my time:

  • Sleep. (50% of time).
  • Stare our of the window and daydream. (10% of time).
  • Use devices. (20% of time).
  • Use the TV if there is one in the plane. (20% of time).

Reach the mile high club… 😂


Honestly… If there is WiFi on the plane… I fly the same flight in IF. Quite fun to race your own flight! :)


Hahhaha that’s funny

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I love to play SimplePlanes while on flights

Congrats that you made a topic that wasn’t instantly closed!


I thought I was the only one that did that 😂

How many airline miles do I need to join the mile high club?

I usually just watch a movie or sleep haha, or, if its scenic enough, I take the classic “wing view” pic.


You guys remember those “normal passenger vs me” memes? That’s me looking out the window.


Sleep, Eat, Watch TV. Pretty much the same as on the ground


I love that game a lot I don’t have it on my phone any more :(

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U don’t need any at all

I find myself doing one of two things. Either I:

(a) Listen to Ed Sheeran, or some Lo-Fi music and look out the window and daydream about being a pilot.

or I,

(b) Listen to Ed Sheeran, or some Lo-Fi music and sleep.


Erm… ask someone else 😂

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dude no lie. Ed sheeran and look out the window the whole time.i can relate :)

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On short hauls and during the day, I normally listen to music during the flight. On long hauls, if it is during the day, I listen to music. If it is at night, I sleep.

This comment is pure gold 😂😂😂


Son do you understand what the mile high Club is?


How even do you sleep on an airplane? I can barely close my eyes for 2 mins on one 😂

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Sleep. You can sleep by resting your head against the seat. Putting your head on the tray table and putting your head on the seat in front of you. Whenever I sleep for 2 hours it always seems like less time.

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