What is ETOPS?

What is ETOPS? I believe it’s something related to fuel but not sure.

It’s. Certificate a twin engine plane receives allowing the plane to cross large bodies of water but then they have to stay so many minutes off of a coast in case of one engine failure

And ETOPS stands for Extended range twin operational performance standards

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Hmmm so what’s etops fuel?

About ETOPS fuel:
When you see ETOPS fuel in planning, that’s just to make sure that if there is any problem over the ocean, you have enough fuel to divert to the nearest airport that’s large enough for the plane. It is calculated for an engine failure though because single engine ops take more fuel due to lower altitude.
However, you don’t need to plan for that in IF.

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To be honest I never heard of it it could be having to do with fuel reserves but I am not sure

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Thanks guys!

The 777 family has a ETOPS of 320 Minutes

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So around 5 and Half Hours the Plane is allowed to take much more direct routes to its destination

Idk if that was meant for me.

I believe the 737-8/9 has a range of 150-180 mins

Really, those kind of ETOPs are meant for south american routes. No other routes really get close to those kind of ETOPs. NA to Australia has islands and Hawaii in the middle.

ETOPS for the different Twin Engines Aircrafts: FAA, ICAO and EASA

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