What Is Entering Topics?

I was wanting to get to TL2 recently and I was reading on discourse.com for IF, and it says “Enter at least 20 topics”. What does that mean? And how do I do that.

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A topic is like, this.

This body of text is a post. What you just posted was a topic.

Anyways, the IFC has tweaked the requirements. You could check this post out!

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While the discourse and IFC requirements are different “entering a topic” is like clicking on the topic and maybe engaging.


ya that’s right

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its like you should veiw a topic and reply to it (Engaging) in the topic.

Yup, it has already been mentioned above by @ThomasThePro lol. Just keep liking visiting and engaging with others on the forum you will get there in no time!

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Yeah I think so