What is DutchBird?

I saw that we have DutchBird livery on the A320, however I can’t find any flights or information about the airline IRL. Can someone please explain to me what DutchBird is, and why I can’t find any flights?

Charter airline based in the Netherlands :)

But then why do we have the livery if the airline ceased operations in 2004? Like Infinite Flight came out in 2011…

I mean we have a pan am livery so…

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It’s the same reason why we have Pan Am, Northwest, and US Airways liveries as well. The devs wanted to put retro airline liveries in game, Dutchbird happened to be one of them.

Honestly, the more liveries the bettter, right?


We have PAN AM? On what plane?

The 747-200 :)

With the 747-200 !

I’m Dutch so still proud on this livery, but Pan am operated for more than 50 years, and Dutch bird only 5 years.
So imo it is still suprising we have DutchBird

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(Off topic) well we have another dutch airline that ceased in 2004 and its much older (its called Air Holland) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Holland

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True, but it adds more diversity so win-win

As I said, still proud of it :)
But as @GameBoy_KIRB says, Air Holland would make a little bit more sense.

But nothing to complain!


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