What is done

Good night, I was flying to klax, the atis says that I can get by the 25r I ask for the 25r and the atc tells me to enter as number 2 in the 25l and I go as number 1… What do I do there I go and do a 360??? I request to enter the 25r and he tells me to follow instructions… It’s really worrying, I don’t know if I fail or the atc… Tube that closes the flight to avoid a ghost

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Hello there, was this on the Expert Server? If so, what time did this incident occur at?

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It just happened, if it was in the expert

3 minutes ago

If this was the case, @FN60fps was your controller at the time. I recommend reaching out to him and discussing this matter more. Without any input from the controller, it’s quite hard to tell what has really happened.

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Yes, he was just there

@IFFM_WORLD_AROUND_IF l believe we can continue this conversation via PM, thanks!


Ok, tanks…