What is considered a landing

I was downgraded to grade 2 for the new update and I only need landings. I was wondering what was considered a landing because the short 3 minute flights I’ve been doing to try to get landings aren’t working.

The current landing criteria are as follows:

  • No landing (touchdown of wheels) in the last 30 seconds

  • Touchdown has to be on a runway

  • At least one main gear (not steering wheel) touching the ground

  • Ground speed must be above 10kts

  • Must be done on live - landings on solo will not be counted


You have to be on the runway for at least 5-10 seconds if I’m not wrong.

Edit: @TimShan05 gave a more detailed explanation 👍

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I would suggest landing on different runways, climbing to at least 200ft AGL and then landing with a gap of 30 seconds or so.

On the bottom UI you can change it to count your landings so you can see what’s counted or not, you can simply touch down your wheels and go straight up. The TBM is great for pattern work.

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thank you so much this will definitely help

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