What is considered a landing?

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If i make a very rough Ryanair touchdown, is it considered a landing? LOL


It happened to me and I had a sully like landing without crashing but did not get credit for the landing as gear was not down

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So, a landing is:
Touching down for 5,8 or more seconds with flaps, spoilers and gear after an 100-foot flight. No bounce, though.
Is that correct?

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Yes, i know, ANOTHER question:

If you land safely, re take-off and crash in your second flying period, does IF save your landing?

Yes, your landing is recorded instantly. IF knows when you are on a runway. If you have the guidance boxes enabled, when you land, you will see them disappear while you are on the ground. Gotta be a runway, closer to the centre is better. If you are pooch a touch and go, and then crash, your landing counts.

oh, thank you!

You don’t even need to apply brakes for a landing to count!

It still counts if you do a touch and go

There is a sad amount of misinformation in here. Folks, please don’t present what you think is fact, make sure it is actually true before spreading it. A landing is recorded when all of your landing gear touches down fully on a runway. As such, touch and goes count, because all of your landing gear makes full contact. That’s why you see people grinding patterns to get their landings up. Landings are NOT defined by if your spoilers or flaps are used. It does NOT matter if you are slightly off centerline, it’ll still count. I personally am not sure if there is a rolling distance or time required, so I will not guess or share possibly incorrect information.


Taking off from and landing right away on an extremely long runway, without doing a pattern, does not count as a landing though.


T&Gs with main landing gear only count as landings.

Can you source that? I was 100% sure it was all parts of the landing gear touch down.

Well, I do a lot of nose gear up T&Gs while maintaining my landing count to stay Grade 5, so…

I’ll take your word for it. Thanks for the correction.

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A landing is when a aircraft touches down safely on the ground.

If you do a touch and go does it count as a landing?

When the plane lands


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Do my brakes have to be on?