What is considered a landing?

This is 100% correct.

That’s counts as murder

I think it also goes to show that there are multiple ways of getting it done that can be right, @Jan from the research I’ve done we are both right you are however wrong in saying that spoilers are used for a touch and go, I’m sitting next to a former military pilot right now who flew the C - 130 back in his prime and he assured me that they are never to be used for a touch and go, only for a “stop & go” (whatever that is).

Also yes, most pilots configure flaps setting to almost full, but that doesn’t mean on an empty commerical aircraft that they have to be, 15° on an near empty Boeing aircraft can be used.

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I recently fly my F-22 in various airports. I touch and go in runways and fly around. I use Flaps 10 when I do that and, by the end I left this game I noticed I gained many and many more landings in my grade status. That’s how I reached grade 4 😜

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I have tried to take off and land on the same runway and not got credit for it, a full bounce does not count as two… There is more too it, and as we do not have the details from IF your answer is as speculative as everyone else’s.

So I’m speculating that your landing gear has to touch down on the runway? I know for a fact that it doesn’t matter if spoilers are on or not when you touch down. That isn’t speculation.

When doing T&Gs I sometimes decide after landing to do yet another one.

I also practice landings in general and specifically not slamming the nose gear. You need spoilers for that.

That’s why I mentioned it in the list of things to do while reconfiguring for takeoff again.

For a planned notmal T&G, spoilers and speed brakes are not armed.

During the first part of a T&G, the aircraft is configured for landing, with whatever flaps setting is needed based on weight.

I almost never do a Stop and Go.
I almost never fly a military aircraft and when I do the runways are almost always too short to land, come to a complete stop and takeoff again in the same direction. You could do it at KVCV, Victorville though. 17-35 is over 15,000 ft long.

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A “Landing of Record” (for lack of a better word) is recorded when:

  • You land on the runway with at least the main gear touching the runway.
  • You do not have to come to a complete stop or slow to a certain speed for a landing to register.
  • There is no documented amount of time the wheels need to be on the ground but it is advised at least a few seconds to register it.
  • Speed, flaps, brakes, etc do not matter.
  • Bouncing a landing does not result in multiple landings.
  • Landing on a taxiway or grass do not count.
  • It is advised to take your time with patterns as super quick patterns may only report once.

Thank you, finally, a clear answer!
Very helpful.
Thanks to this topic, I got the 16 landings i needed to get grade 4. LOL

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I hope this topic helped someone other than me, or else I’m going to feel bad for making people from around IFC write 80 replies for a question I had… :/

Well, i never landed on an airport when i needed landings for Grade 2, and they still got counted. Even when i landed on he ocean,it counted. Go ahead, land in the bermuda triangle! I did ;)

Take a peek at this, it seems that off-airport landings are not logged

Update:, as it seems a comment was deleted. I just tried off airport landings and they do count towards my landing count. Not sure if that is a Casual Server only thing, or what. Maybe @Chris_S can enlighten us?

If they do, then great. But you should really land on something like a runway. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. :)

Yes, i’ts kind of hard, with the hills and bumps, too…

I prefer runways LOL

In my experiences I have taken off, flown 100ft, landed in the ocean, and it usually counts as a landing. The only times it hasn’t counted were if I stopped too soon or crashed. (I occasionally do this at a small artic airport just to get my grade back up after a violation) I haven’t had to land on a runway for it to count

I’m confused…
so you can land anywhere as long as you fly 100 feet, stay a certain time on the ground and land with gear? Is that it?

Thanks, by the way :)

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