What is COM and VLOC?

what is com and vloc? I’ve been wondering…

Depends…could you say where you’ve seen them, please? ;)

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ummm… a Cessna 172 SP Garmin 530… in x-plane…


Where was it specifically? On an instrument or…?

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Com is communication for all the radio frequencies. And V-LOC I believe has to do with Veritcal Localizer with the VOR/glideslope for instrument approaches


COM=communications…This would include all of your frequencies you would need to make your flight successful. A COM frequency could be anything from weather to a radar controller to CTAF(common traffic advisory frequency. VLOC is basically switching your GPS from GPS mode to locilizer mode. When this happens, your plane can track VORs and also do instrument approaches…such as ILS or RNAV/GPS approaches. I hope this helps.


thank you much


thanks much

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