What is class charlie

ik thats an airspace but how are some airports like dublin and fort lauderdale a class charlie im not sure how decently sized airports are class charlie and how are they class charlie


Here check this out :)


It’s based on traffic, geographic location, and necessity. I fly out of Orlando Executive (which you would think needs to be Class C or higher!) but it’s actually Class Delta. Class C also isn’t as high of an airspace as Bravo.

Class C is essentially the same as Bravo but the less-important version.

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dublin can take 777s and a350s

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But it’s not about what they can take, it’s about the traffic volume. Dublin, for example, is considered Class Charlie simply because it isn’t a high area of focus and doesn’t have a high enough traffic volume to be Class Bravo.

Look up aviation airspaces on Wikipedia and you’ll find the exact distinction between the two.


Also keep in mind that IF is based off of the US FAA system. Class B, C, and D could mean slightly different things in real life, in different countries.


agreed with the point

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