What is bumping and does it help?

I want a livery to come in IF and with their their recent blog post stating that a few liverys will be introduced. I wanted to know if bumping helps in that matter and where do you draw the line between bumping and spamming?

A few questions I had are:

  • Does bumping inconvenience the community?
  • How often are you permitted to bump( every day, hour, week, 2 days etc,.)
  • Is editing a post a form of bumping?
  • Does bumping help in making that feature to be implemented?

if you are curious these are the ouverys I am talking about.

Vistara Boeing 787-9 Livery - #23 by Sunil_Mahadevan


hehe, bump

Bumping doesn’t have a huge inconvenience in my mind. There is no “permitted” time, but I wouldn’t do it crazy. One a month is usually good. In terms of editing, I believe it might bump if you do the original post. Otherwise, no. People bump features constantly if they become lost in more popular topics (again, maybe once a month)


If the bottom reply is edited, the topic will be bumped. A topic edit can thus only bump if there have been no replies yet. So for now, I technically have all the bumping power. 😈


I will add on that there isn’t a fine line with this, but it’s what I’d consider acceptable.

Now I have the power Luca, nice try


If it’s infrequent and is a genuine bump (i.e., contains information regarding the topic, displays an example of the feature, etc.), no.

As far as I know, there isn’t a rule about how many times you can bump the topic. It is more of a common sense thing, though.

You know, that’s a great question and something I can never figure out with Discourse. I’ve edited topics before, which brought the topic to the top, but other times it hasn’t.

#features aren’t guarantees to get something implemented, so probably not. It is more or less to bring attention to something of interest.


Alright Thanks everyone for their inputs
But I have another question what makes an ideal bump?


i really think this insert feature here is needed


why isnt this there yet

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Thoughtful content. Bring something new to the table, a new idea, thought, fact, etc. Give another reason for why people should read the thread and consider voting.


But after sometime won’t you run out of info?

Such as @brunocr98 with the Copa 737. Here are some examples:


Please, please, please do not be that guy who bumps a topic multiple times per day. About every few days is acceptable.

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Depends. Basically, when you edit a post (eg. the pencil icon shows up) yes, the post will be bumped. The pencil icon will only show up in senarios in where some “major” edit is made. If you are just fixing a typo, then it won’t bump. However, if you’re editing a typo after [set time by admin of the community] (usually about 12-24 hours) then anything will be marked as an “edit,” even if it’s just a typo. But if you’re adding a link, or doing anything that adds to the topic rather than editing, then it will bump it regardless of the time after posting.

So basically: pencil=bump
No pencil (small edits before set admin time)=no bump


I don’t really see it as an inconvenience. In most cases, bumping does more good for that particular topic. When bumping, people could continue that topic’s discussion after a long time of absence. It could also cause other users to become interested in that topic, and users may consider joining in on the discussion.

Tbh, it depends. I think it has to do with the intentions of the user. If they want to grab other’s attention, they may respond with content giving further insight into the topic. Users might also respond with something simple such as an image or a simple reply. Then again, anything could bump an old topic. Wether that be a simple phrase such as “I’m just bumping” or more information about that topic.

However, these may be wrong. Someone may correct me if anything I said is not true. :)


I did a number of pretty regular bumps on the MD-80 thread a while back, there didn’t seem to be a number of times. At least no one seemed to care


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