What is Boeing/Rolls Royce going to do!

So we have heard the story’s of Boeing 787’s engine problems (corrosion of turbine blades) but what step is Boeing (and Rolls Royce) going to take next?

1.What do you think there going to do to fix this?

2.What is your opinion on the whole situation?

3.What do you think is going to happen?

(Yes I could’ve googled this but I wanted to hear your opinion)

Thanks guys!😄
Poor Boeing 787 ✈️😞



👆This is with other airlines too (not just ANA)

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Where did you hear about this?

I want to know because I’m taking a 789 from EGKK to KJFK tomorrow.

Absolutely not a problem your flight is normally confirmed. Don’t be afraid !

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Search up on google Boeing 787 engine problems. But hey, don’t worry about a thing because pilots are very skilled and it is very unlikely this will happen to you. Plus there are still loads 787’s that are flying around with no problems! Don’t worry and enjoy the flight!😉

I think the problem it’s not Boeing but RR I hope they will fixed that pb

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  1. Work out the exact problem

  2. Not a big deal, similar issue to Trent 900 (if I recall the engine correctly?) oil rig problem that caused QF32 A380 to have an uncontained engine failure.

  3. Work out a fix, issue the fix to the airlines, who replace the faulty parts, either immediately or in a set period of time determined by the manufacturer or FAA etc, depending on the seriousness


That’s exactly what I thought!

That’s why they should have elected the GE engine :)

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Thanks guys! I was worried for a sec. I’m taking Norwegian Air Shuttle 7015 and its usually a B789. There were some instances when it was a A3330 or B763 but it’s very rare!!
Happy flying!!

You will be absolutely fine then!

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