What is Anti Aliasing

hello, in settings what is Anti Aliasing and what does it do?

It is a setting that makes the simulator run “cleaner” and make the scenery smoother. If that makes any sense.


hanks i was wandering this as well does iphone 7 support it

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I use an iPad Pro. Would you recommend it? I know it is compatible


It might, check out this thread. It will tell you everything you need to know :)

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Wow it can handle everything! Thanks for the link

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I think saying “run cleaner” may give the perception that it boosts performance. It definitely doesn’t do this, I understand what your saying, but I think to make it a little clearer, it makes the graphics better, but you’ll take a big FPS hit.

It more or less works to smooth out pixelated lines, like the demo shown below



Yeah the graphics come out clean but on a iPhone 7 it lags pretty bad.

He I tried putting it on but i didn’t know what it meant and I was flying into Oslo for fnf and it lagged really bad and i crashed because I had like 1 FPS

Try low graphics with anti aliasing on or high graphics with aliasing off.

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