What is, and how to "expedite"

A word hopefully most of you are familiar with, if not this is the place to look.

To expedite is to make things quicker, for example;
You’re at TFFR in the caribean and are told by ATC “XXX back taxi runway 12 line up and wait please expedite” the please expedite means DO IT FAST not slow! While back taxiing you should be on the runway so going over 35 knots won’t be a problem. This does not mean go full throttle up to 70 knots, I usually expedite a back taxi at about 40 knots ground speed.

This works the same with “exit runway when able please expedite” it means taxi off the runway ASAP so either inbound traffic can land on a clear runway, or departing traffic can get away.

I hope this helped!
If you have any questions feel free to ask, remember to expedite is to go fast!
Thomas-ATC Officer


Changed to tutorials…was my move correct?

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Yes, but don’t announce it;)

I’m just making posts about things that I feel people don’t know about, that I have seen on the advanced server. Need to get the word out there.

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Sorry but this is my first time so I want to make sure I get it correct

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Very informative, I believe the maximum back taxi speed is 50 kts, speeds might vary from company to company.

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Back taxiing is when there is not a taxiway leading to the end of the runway, or there is not an exit suitable when landed. So the plane has to either enter then runwpway, go to the end, then make a 180° turn (taking off) or making a 180° and then finding a suitable exit (landing)

Perfect examples are London City, and also St Maarten (Heavy Planes)

Antigua and St Kitts also in the Caribbean are also great examples of Heavy Aircraft having to back taxi.

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