What is "Alternate" in the Control Settings for?

I went to set up my controls under “Settings”. Yaw, Pitch, Throttle and Roll setup went fine. Next came the “Command” tab…

The Command tab has two colums: “Key/Axes” and “Alternate”. I set my controls under Key/Axes and they work fine, but I wonder what the Alternate setting does. If I put a setting in that column it simply overwrites the settings in the Key/Axes column. I was thinking it was to assign a second key to accomplish the same command but I guess it is not.

Is there a way to use this Alternate feature I haven’t found?

iOS or Android you are using?

IOS. I’m testing with an “Apple approve” gamepad and so far, so good. Everything is mapping fine.

I thought perhaps that it might be for two key or button presses to accomplish the same function. The other thought I had was that it may be for a second controller and it was for mapping the keys/buttons for that.

I hate to tag the dev’s for the answer to this question. I figure someone here might know.

Or, perhaps it’s an Android-only feature. “Inquiring minds want to know”! :)

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I do not know…the reason I asked that question is for helping people who know the answer…@Boeing707 or @Rotate?

Not sure if @carmalonso would know. Otherwise we’ll need more details from Matt.

Maybe wise to change category to support?Maybe?

This is used for if you have multiple controllers attached (for example, a keyboard and a joystick). This allows you to assign two buttons for one function. For example:

-> Landing Gear: Button 9 on joystick, “G” key on keyboard.

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Ah… The second controller theory was correct!

Thanks Cameron. I just didn’t have a second controller to test with. I may soon though!