What is aircraft page

I wanted to know what is aircraft page and how to update flight

What do you mean “aircraft page?”

Is this on Infinite Flight or here on Infinite Flight Community?

Aircraft page is the page where you select type of aircraft.

To Download or Update a aircraft, jus simply hit a undownloaded aircraft and select “FREE DOWNLOAD” or “UPDATE” as shown:

Can u make a tutorial on how to update all flights in infinite flight

Actually I’m not knowing to update so please help me out , once u read this mail please reply

Hi Vikash,

You currently have the A380 downloaded. If in the bottom right hand corner says OK then you’re good to go. If it says Download or Update then simply tap on that word in the corner and give it a few seconds. The app will up date the aircraft after you tap on it.

The other symbol to note is the arrow with the horizontal line under it. If you take a look at the A340-600, you’ll see that it has this arrow symbol. This is letting you know that you do not have this aircraft downloaded and therefore you will need to download the aircraft before you can fly it. The downloads for the aircraft are free if you have the Pro Subscription.

Hope this helps.



Aircraft choosing interface.

Please help me my a380 aircraft is downloaded but it is showing that aircraft is out dated please tell me how can I update that aircraft and make one video on how to update flight in infinite flight.

So I can follow u and I do not have any pro subscription. Please email me link of video once u make it on how to update flights in infinite flight and please reply once u read

Same with me…i cant use my a380 bcs its outdated and cant update

I don’t have any pro subscription. I’m unable to fly only my a380, please if you have any idea to update my a380 without pro subscription then please help me out.

At aircraft page it is showing “OK” but once I’m clicking on Ok it is showing “aircraft is outdated please update it from aircraft page”.

So, please help me out. You can mail me back or you can make one turorial on how to update a380 without pro subscription. Please help me out.

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