What is AIRAC?

I just wanted to Know what is AIRAC as when I got to disptach my flight plan it comes there.

Not the most familiar with it but this might be able to help you out.

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Thanks for the help!

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Great question! AIRAC stands for Aeronautical Information Regulation And Control, which is a system used to ensure that aeronautical information, such as airport and navigational data, is up-to-date and consistent around the world. The AIRAC cycle is a 28-day cycle in which updates to this information are made and distributed to aviation stakeholders, including pilots, dispatchers, and air traffic controllers. When you see the term AIRAC in the context of dispatching your flight plan, it usually refers to the current cycle of aeronautical data that is being used for the routing and navigation of your flight.

I hope this helps to clarify things!

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Thanks Sir!

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