What is adf 1

on my nav tab there is adf 1
what it mean!

I know ADF is the automatic direction finder. Someone else will be able to explain what it actually is.

okay thanks!

Put simply, a radio that you tune in to certain frequencies while flying. Once turned to that frequency and when in range, your ADF dial will point toward the tuned frequency (destination).

Old school GPS. Lol



This also might be a helpful tool :)

ADF shows relative bearing tot the NDB.

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MaxAsks: Are there any “ADF” identified VOR (multi use) or are the “Beacons” ADF capable?
(If So will use then for ADF Routing)
Thanks Max
( Question answered, no further comments required. )

@Boeing773ER. Max Noted yr ADF/NDB comment. Previous question answered.
Thanks, Max

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