What is a virtual organization?

If a moderator could answer for me or someone that know what a virtual organization is that would be great.

I’m wondering what a virtual organization is and how it is used?

Is there a specific requirment to say what virtual organzation I’m in?

Thanks, to someonw who can answer this for me!!

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A VO is a Virtual Organization. It usually isn’t based on a real airline, but may reflect one and uses alternate branding to avoid copyright. The general idea of a VO (or VA) is a group of pilots who join as a community. Group flights are a big reason of why people join VA/VOs.

In regards to requirements, it is dependent on that specific VO. You would have to check their thread. Usually there is a “Requirements” section. They tend to be near the bottom of the thread.

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A Virtual Organization is a group of pilots that fly together in communication. It could be it’s own thing, or based off of an airline. More info is on ifvarb.com! All VAs and VOs in your profile settings are approved and on that website. You must apply to them to join.

The “Virtual Organisation” in your profile settings is so that you can set your Virtual Organisation affiliation which will show up in your IFC profile and in-game (come 20.2).

If you’re not in any of these, you don’t have to worry about it.


In addition to the great responses above, you will see IFC people use VA (Virtual Airline) and VO (Virtual Organization) interchangeably. A VA is often modeled after an airline with routes, ranks, and more stringent rules. A VO sometimes may be a club or organization that provides a service. Refueling, general aviation club, military protection, etc. But in terms of your profile any VA or VA may be selected in the box to be shown in the sim.

The honor system is utilized as there is currently no master database of every user and va/vo they are apart of. (This data often changes rapidly) Please only select what you are actually a part of to help everyone out.


I’d also like to add that VAs must be based off of real world airlines, VOs do not have to.


How do i link it?

Hey! Click on your profile icon, and click the far right (user) box. There, you should see a “preferences”. Click on it, then go to Profile. There, you should see a “Virtual Organisation” section where you would be able to select the virtual organisation you’re in. If you’re still confused, check out this tutorial:

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Thank you very much mate!

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