What is a virtual airline?

Since I am relatively new, I have no idea what a virtual airline is. Can someone explain this concept to me?

Checl this out https://ifvarb.com/

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Virtual airlines (VAs) and virtual organizations (VOs) are groups and organizations based off real airlines - some are fictional - that fly together and work similar to a real world airline. To find more information, check out ifvarb.com and the #live:va category.


A Virtual Airline (VA) is a group/organization that is based off a real airline, or a fictional airline that flies together and works similar to a real world airline. To find more information, I recommend checking out ifvarb.com and the #live:va category.

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@NuggetFornia A virtual airline is basically what it sounds like, an airline that is virtual,

Virtual airlines will start up through the IFVARB website, making a website and more. Once the VA opens their doors, pilots are able to sign up as a pilot for the VA. VA’s can reject or hire you just like in the real world. Once accepted into the VA, most airlines offer fully functional crew centers. A crew center is where a pilot can book, and log flights.

To sign up for a VA, head to the IFVARB.com website and multiple VA’s vill be displayed in the VA/VO database. Saff positions will also be shown in the Staff Recruitment section.

If you need any more answers to any questions you have, please let me know via PM.

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Virtual airlines are places where pilots that meet the requirements set by the VA/VO go to fly with other
Pilots with similar interests. Some VA/VOs are different from each other not by airline or routes, but by operations.

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