What is a virtual airline?

I have seen posts on the community about virtual airlines. What are they?

They are, well Virtual Airlines.

They are replications of real airlines, just that you can do their routes in the vast world of infinite flight!

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A virtual organization (VO) is a dedicated hobby organization that uses the Infinite Flight Simulator to model the real-world operations of an airline or group. Alternatively, the group may be an original one. This can include “ground school” training programs, event groups, flying clubs, and ATC groups as well as training flights in order for the VA to help provide further experience as well as to extend the skills of their members. Groups of any sort that wish to utilise the VA category must be certified regardless

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Hey there, @MrBrian.

In additon to what @anon24319801 has stated, if you’re interested in joining, creating, or learning more about virtual airlines in Infinite Flight, I highly recommend go to the IFVARB Website, as it holds valuable information regarding the requirements in creating one, and provides detailed info on almost any question you might have.

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