What is a virtual airline?

I was scrolling through the IF community and I seemed to come across a lot of talk about virtual airlines. That got me thinking, what is a virtual airline, I tried searching for it on the community and I found nothing. I would really appreciate it if someone cared to explain what a virtual airline is.

Thanks in advance. 👍🏻

The IFVARB Thread gives a good description.


A virtual airline is when a member/ group of members get together to create an airline based off of an airline in the real world. They will hire pilots, staff, they’ll imitate real world routes, have events etc. Some members also create fictional VAs based off of what they want an airline to be like.

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How do you create one?

That is also described in the link above.

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You can create one by messaging a IFVARB admin such as @BluePanda900 or @IceBlue .


Hi @Jacob_Laurie, A virtual airline, aka VA, is a group of IF pilots who simulate flights and operations of a real life airline e,g, Frontier or American VA simulate real life Frontier and American Airlines. These VAs are regulated within IF and you will surely find enjoyment should you join a VA that ‘speaks your language’. Enjoy your stay on IFC.

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To keep it simple, you must be TL2 in order to create a VA. Right now, you are TL0.

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Do not advertise your VA here. We are trying to answer his questions. Your VA is already advertised on the VA info thread.

Here’s a topic which explains trust levels and how you earn them.

Keep reading, liking, and posting and you’ll be at TL2 in no time!

I’m not, I was giving an example. Okay, I’ll edit to another VA

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