What is a virtual airline?

Hello, just wanted to know what is a virtual airline, the basics and just how it works ( VERY,VERY roughly) I’m not taking form you time, just a pair of sentences will do, thanks.

PS: I created a virtual airline called AlitaliaELITE.

PPS: please moderators don’t close always my posts perhaps tell me what I do wrong, thank you and good day!

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Virtual Airline, I used to own one. Basically in a nutshell it’s a “service” you provide for pilots, aka routes to travel and “promotions” all whilst being part of an airline.

1st of all, mods won’t close this (without an answer for your question)
2nd, very valid question,

A Virtual Airline (VA) is just like an Airline in real life except it’s in the sim. So you can be a pilot for that airline and fly for them, earn some kind of credit. They can host events.

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A Virtual Airline recreates the daily operation of a real-world airline, a Virtual Airline can also be fictional and consists of their own schedules.

You cannot create a Virtual Airline without checking the IFVARB, if you haven’t done this you’ll need to this before creating a Virtual Airline.

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How do you join a VA?

Omg thanks for everithing!


You go over to the VA Database and you find the airline of your desire. For each airline they have a bit of a different method to join.

Don’t worry, I found out a couple mins ago but thanks

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No problem always here to help