What is a typical day for you as a pilot/ATC

From a tutorial which taxiing with on engine is a thing to save fuel Your Guide To Single Engine Taxi in Infinite Flight


Pretty normal to taxi with one engine. It’s done quite a bit IRL.

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Wake up


With a commercial airline like 787😊😊

Yes, single engine taxiing is quite routine. Engines must be started within 5 minutes of setting takeoff thrust at most operators on departure. Some only allow single engine taxiing after landing, some allow before T/O and after landing. I don’t know for any 787 operators specifically but it is done on commercail airliners yes.

Ohhh that’s interesting first time I’ve heard of it 🛫🛫

Flying: These days, I’m mainly flying in and out of YYZ so each day looks approximately the same, wake up, land the overnight, do a short flight, return to Toronto, over to Europe to land late at night, then back to Toronto as an overnight.

Controller: I’m more of a flyer than a controller, but if no flights fit my schedule, I’ll check frequencies available, maybe open something, and rage at pilots who have no situational awareness or don’t want to follow instructions. Then I just go back and fly again.

That’s awesome dedication I try to wake up.early but unusually start my flight at 10am or 11am or 1 pm depending on how long the flight is going to be😊

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A typical day for me?,Let’s see here…

  • I wake up in the morning around 10am -12pm EST,
  • Decide on a Long haul to do or find out where ATC is the next day and do a long haul there
  • Go to Flight aware and check to see what Airlines do long hauls to the airports i want to fly to
  • Create a Plan on Infinite flight Planner then go to IF and copy the fuel,passengers and cargo weight
    ( I usaully like to set up couple hours before my flight so i can hop right into IF when the time comes)
  • Copy the flight plan and jump into IF and set up the (Deprture,Approach etc.)and Tracks if I am flying on one
  • Take off and fly manually until 2,500 ft then I engage Alt,Heading and Speed and later Nav.
  • Around 20 minutes out from the airport I start my descent (Sometimes i use VNav other times I don’t)
  • Park at the Gate and revert my aircraft back to the way it was when I started the App.(I try to strive for some sort of realism)

Well I’d usually be out of bed and ready to fly by 10. Then I’d take off, and relax for a bit. I’d either land if it was a short/medium haul. If it’s a long haul, I’d have lunch, and walk my dog at around 1. Then I’d come back and send my streaks on Snapchat (I have a lot) and then go out with friends. I’d come back for dinner and land my long haul. Then I’d usually either have training or go out with friends again.

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