What is a typical day for you as a pilot/ATC

So I was thinking we all are all pilots and ATC on infinite flight ,so I was wondering how do you plan you’re flight as a pilot or as ATC on Infinite Flight and how what do you do in you’re flight from starting of take off til landing and turning off engines and as ATC how do you guys do you’re planning and how is a day for you as ATC.

For me as a pilot I usually do my planning a day before on a schedule I use for my flight mix with short haul and long haul flights .with long haul I use simbrief for my fuel and flight plan and my flight time and then I work out my time I would land at my destination according to my time.

Before departure I give myself about 45 mins to prep my flight and get everything sorted and then I use my IF checklist to do my pushback until.my take off which I would be in.contact with ATC as well.I usually stay at my device till I reached cruising altitudes to make adjustment on my altitude and speed .

In cruise I usually just leave on Autopilot I usually leave my device on charge and low screen mode and I check on live flight app the progress of my flight and also check time to time to see if everything is smooth .

On.decent I usually get to.my device in about 200nm from the airport getting landing preps done and then and I finally land and switch off my engines and a days flight done then getting ready for the next days return flight.

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Captain Randy.


When flying, it depends on the flight for me. If it’s a short flight, (less than an hour) then I don’t typically put as much into planning. If it’s longer than that, I’ll usually plug everything into fpltoif and have everything planned in about 10 minutes. However I only fly real life routes I can find on Flightradar24. Cruise I go to autopilot, and arm VNAV once I’m in range.

For ATC, it really depends on the day. If I like the airport, and I like the amount of traffic, I’ll try to control it. If I don’t like the airports or region, I probably won’t control that day and I’ll fly instead. But if I do choose to open, I usually plan by making an ATIS, and familiarizing with sids, stars, Airport layout, and terrain, while waiting for the controller before me to finish up his or her shift.

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My typical day as ATC:

  • Wake up
  • Question my life choices
  • Consume copious amounts of caffeine
  • Pray and open a frequency
  • Start yelling into my device
  • Destroy device with a sledgehammer
  • Close
  • Bang head into a wall

Sounds wicked. Is this how you become a recruter?


For flight: I use simbrief and other planning tools to make the most realistic flight. I usually plan an hour before the flight and spawn in 15 minutes before my departure time.

For ATC: For tower, ground, ATIS, I often will look at live flight and maps to see what the airport is about for the best service. If I am approach or center, I plan of 10-20 minutes of procedures, runways in use, headings for a normal traffic pattern, terrain, etc.

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Disclaimer: this is LONG

Well, I try and get as close to realism as possible. To the point where my family tbink I’m crazy up and flying at like half 5. 😂
I simulate a ‘career’ for Ryanair, based in London Stansted, currently as a first officer. I use Google Calendar to schedule out flights, then use PreFlight by DutchPilotGirl to check each day is within FDP (flight duty period) limitations. I like to follow these limits
A: to be realistic
And b: so I don’t die from workload 😂
I also do my best to get as close to a realistic amount of days flying. Going for 5 days flying for Ryanair, and then 4 days doing other stuff (including doing other flights). Unfortunately obviously it isn’t ever perfect because of life.
For example, here’s Wednesday’s schedule which appens to be veery long. It’s within that FDP limit by 5 mins. :

For this day, I’ll get up at around 10 past 5 to get ready. I look at weather and stuff the night before to get up later. Thankfully, I have found I am one of those people who don’t need much sleep so can get by fine on only 5 hours or so.
I use Simbrief to plan flights and stick it all in manually to assure it is done properly and be more realistic. If I am feeling extra realistic I do a walk around with the freecam.

Then it’s time to depart. I go through my checklist, brief the flight and go. I use IFAssistant for VSpeeds and all the other good stuff. I don’t move away from the device until 5 minutes into cruise. Quite often I just do stuff like watch YouTube or go on the IFC in split screen. While I’m away or doing that stuff, I have the graphics turned all the way down and face the ceiling of the FD to minimise an app crash. If I feel I need/want to, I do go back to sleep during this time but only if it is in slightly ‘dumbed down’ and slightly more lenient rest restrictions as IRL. I aim to be back on my device and ready to brief the approach by 300-400nm away.
After landing, I quickly fill at my logbook in the Pages app, log it for FRVA if within my rank requirements, then get started on a quick turn around. And the day goes on…

By the end, I’ve usually finished sll my flights and sometimes open up somewhere on the TS with like 1 pilot showing up 😂
Then it just starts again, getting ready/scheduling more flights.

as I was writing this, I realised how complicated I make it 🤣


I wonder how many times your local device repair shop has seen you in the past few months…

i’m worried


This is so relatable. Everytime I see a possible go-around happening due to little separation, or people not following instructions, I start shouting at my iPad and bang the table 😂

For me as a pilot, spawn, auto start, direct FPL to airport and takeoff on the taxiway. Just kidding, don’t kill me!:)


I’ll give you my setup of both flying commercially (which is 99% of what I do on ES), and controlling an airport as IFATC.

When I decide on a route to fly, I begin with looking at flightconnections.com for a route into an ATC controlled airport, where it’ll give me the airline, flight number, aircraft, and a rough estimate of my flight time (click on the dates displayed next to the airline, and hold on a green date). I’ll then use Flightradar24 to find my flight number, a better estimate of my flight time, exact aircraft, flight number, cruise altitudes, aircraft, gates (most of the time can work out easily) etc… I’ll go to fpltoif.com/simbrief to make my flight plan (and add tons of paragraphs on how I fly here)… It’ll take me a max of 10 minutes from spawn to pushback depending on the size of flight plan I have.

Generally my day consists of up to 5 flights daily (nonstop flying or controlling), continuously. Here’s the first two pages of my Live logbook for example. (I only go on solo for testing or viewing an airport)


You can see how often I fly 😂. All sorts of routes and aircraft.

For ATC, it’s pretty much the same as RTG113 except the sledgehammer… I had to make some budget cuts.


I promise if i have you as my ATC at Heathrow once I wil make sure i follow you’re commands to.make sure you save you’re device from being hurt😂😂😂😂😂🛫🛫🛫

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wake up
open ATC
yell when people call inbound from 45 miles away
die when they are on final at 250 IAS


As a pilot?
Taxi, Takeoff, Cruise, and then Ryanair landing.


Haha I can imagine the view from ATC .

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Hahhah Ryanair landings is always known for its legend hard landing😂


I go on ES, see what airports are open. I’m American and so I usually fly a US legacy carrier or Fedex/UPS MD11 (if anyone saw a Fedex MD11 yesterday at Heathrow or Amsterdam, that was probably me). With the 77F coming out, you’ll see me flying the Fedex 777 a lot, and you can bet I’ll be hogging UPS’s or Kalitta Air’s 747 if those get reworked.

I open up FR24 to see what routes these airlines operate from at that airport, see what works for my schedule (I usually do long hauls these days), and I spawn in at the proper gate in the proper aircraft with a proper callsign. You can identify me by my display name, Dan1 IFC.

For planning, I look at prior flight history for the route and trace the flight route as best as I can. For fuel, I take what the previous flight times were and add 1.5 hours of reserves.

I do the usual taxi/takeoff (The MD11 is funny in that it takes off like a brick, as anyone who saw me in Heathrow or in Colombo the other day can attest to, but once it’s climbing it goes up like a rocket). I handfly it to altitude or close to altitude, turn on the autopilot and arm VNAV. I like to be on it when I can during the cruise, you can see some interesting stuff.

VNAV handles the descent, automation comes off once I’m in or close to the pattern. I do the approach and landing, which ranges from beautiful (777) to firm (MD11, I’m not floating that thing ever, look up any MD11 landing incident for more info).

Taxi to gate, brakes set and engines come off. Not much more to it than that.


I check Tyler’s schedule and plan flights in advance through SimBrief or FPLtoIF, and find a flight between airports with FlightAware to get the aircraft and airline, along with the gates.

I spawn in, start up the APU, get my FPL and weight set, request pushback, then start engines prior to taxi. When my engines are running, I turn the APU off and set flaps to the appropriate setting. I taxi, switch to tower, wait, request departure, turn on strobes and landing lights, then I’m off the ground, hopefully without strong crosswinds.

I switch to departure, and request a flight following. Then if center is open, I switch, check in, and a minute or two before my TOD I request decent via an arrival, then switch to approach, get cleared for an ILS approach, switch to tower, call inbound, get on the ground and switch to ground, and request taxi to parking, while turning off strobes and landing lights, and starting the APU.

I park, shut off the engines, open the doors, and turn off the APU.

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For me

.Wake up (not really usually from 9am-5pm)

.Check flightsfrom website which airline/aircraft I choose

. After doing passengers and cargo loads I wait for push back either 2-5 minutes

.Taxi with one engine then when im almost to my assigned runway engine 2 comes on then i take off smoothly to see how cool I am

.During flight i watch boring stuff and check what me flight is doing

.around 160-110nm I started my descent and check whatever runway is available due to winds

.after landing I speeeed to my gate and finished with some passengers sick and done for the day

. then I do 4 more flights and same thing lol

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This topic has some good info as well

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My typical day is:

  • wake up
  • eat food
  • do homework
  • more homework
  • control
  • do more homework
  • sleep

Haha taxi with one engine how do how you do that😂😂😂

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