What is a Transparent runway?


Transparent means see through so invisible maybe

It looks like that in game

transparent probably means grass.

Should be gravel.

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I’m guessing that it is just an in-game code, maybe because no one was too sure about the conditions of the runway

The editing team sometimes turns runways and taxiways transparent to work on taxi lines etc. This might have been accidentally transparent.

Or it might be a bug :-P

I think transparent runway don’t render in IF

@carmalonso @Swang007

Is transparent even a setting in WED? I never check :/

Plus it’s a class Echo airport so I doubt it’s in the repository.

Transparent is a metadata tag used to allow the editor to see beneath items to view the imported satellite image. Looks like someone forgot to switch this on. Looking at the airport this was probably imported from the vendor this way. I doubt it has ever been edited by our editing team. It is a very low level airstrip which I suspect isn’t even on our radar yet. I will look at it tonight when I get home.


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A transparent runway is what its name states, transparent. They are used when an airport’s runway doesn’t have a threshold, centreline, or is not made of asphalt, concrete, grass, etc… It can also be used when the runway has different designs or is made of different surfaces. This is the case in HI28. They are special because they show what’s under them, and also have runway numbers. You can design a runway with a taxiway, but it won’t have runway numbers and won’t be seen in the map. (It’s a bit complicated…) Anyways, this is why a transparent runway is used.
Here is a picture showing that HI28 is made of both grass and asphalt, so a grass surface alone cannot be used. There is another picture with the IF design, you can see the runway is like the real. The problem is that in IF transparent runways don’t render so it shows as a grass runway. The problem is that in IF, transparent runways don’t render so it shows as a grass runway. Grass taxiways don’t render either so they appear a concrete.

Julio… Need to clarify my friend, out of context one could interpret you opener as a recognition of an aeronautical term. In context for us it’s IF developer specific. The correct interpretation was provided by @Kilt_McHaggis above.
Max Sends

Grass runway…

I don’t understand what you mean. I was providing an answer based on my knowledge of editing airports for IF. I believe that what @Kilt_McHaggis is talking about has nothing to do with the runway surface being “transparent”. He is talking about a viewing option on the program itself that fades the airport to transparent so that you are able to see the satellite images under (this doesn’t show on IF). You can select the surfaces for runways, and “transparent” is an option, used for the reasons I have given in my previous reply. This is what I understand from @Kilt_McHaggis’s explanation, please correct me if I’m wrong.
Also, the airport is on “our radar” as I was able to find it (and attached a picture of it) that also shows It has been added by @carmalonso. I agree with @Kilt_McHaggis because the airport looks like it was imported from the vendor as it is, but It could have been quickly redesigned by @carmalonso before uploading. 😄 Again, correct me if I’m wrong.

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I do not know the pedigree of this airstrip. I do know that in the past Cameron has run generic scripts to modify certain features (e.g. Provide boundaries or set minimum heights for control towers). I suspect that Cameron has not manually edited this airstrip. The aerial photo would suggest a dirt runway. As such I would propose editing this airfield and selecting DIRT for the runway type and save the file ready for the next update.


@Julio_Cesar. No offense intended. I just misread your first paragraph. Looked to me like your where comparing the programming world to the real world initially. Re-read, my bust. There’s no fool like an old fool. Regards, Max

No problem. 😄

Possibly, but because it’s an airstrip that’s not popular, we can leave it like that…

I think it means just lights on the ground. Like the small local airports in Hawaii and Africa.

Lights? You mean people holding candles!

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