What is a transition?

I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for a long time and still have no idea what a transition is. I searched it on Google and didn’t find any answers, so I was hoping someone here can help me.



Perhaps the best way to find the answer you’re looking for is to search your very own Infinite Flight community! Check out this tutorial:



A transition is simply put you flying through a controlled airports airspace. You should not request a transition when you are at;

  1. A high altitude normally above 5K - this is not their airspace
  2. when outside of airspace

A transition response will normally give you an altitude minimum which you should abide by to avoid “collision” with landing jets.


Im sure someone will give you a more in-dept answer shortly. But it is the height you can pass through a controlled airspace without fear of colliding with another aircraft.


^^^ Just on que Wren!

Transition: A transition is when you are flying through a towered airports airspace. For example, if I wanted to transition through Oceanside Airport Airpsace, I would call up there tower about 8-10 miles away and request one.

For example:

You: Oceanside Tower, Cessna 5194F is 10 miles to the east of your at 2,500 requesting transition.
Oceanside tower: Cessna 5194F roger, transition approved at or above 2,500. Oceanside Altimeter 29.92(they may or may not give you that)
You: Transition approved at or above 2,500, cessna 94F

Hope this helps


Basically anything below 5000ft is towers airspace so if you want to fly in its airspace and you are at that height or below you must request a transition. The point is the tower instructs a height in which you don’t mess up the pattern work going on at the airport so ideally you would be higher then the aircraft remaining in the pattern

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Lets also make a point that your comment is for IF only. Most transitions pilots ask for are through Delta fields without radar. All Delta field airports airspace is 2,500 AGL. Ex. If I have a Delta Field at 5000 feet MSL, then the top of the Delta Airspace would be 7,500 feet MSL.

Yes I’m aware it’s like how in real life airspace is not just up to 5000ft for all airports it’s just easier for pilots on IF and ATC

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What he means is approving 5000 at KDEN would put them underground.