What is a tailwind?

It’s in the title, what is a tailwind?
Please include screenshots if you can :D

Thank you very much for your help

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It is wind blowing into the the same direction you are flying I think.

A tailwind is if wind comes from behind your plane. Example: You are landing on rwy 07 there for flying Heading 070°, Tailwind would be if the wind comes from behind you therefore blowing ruffly in the direction of your flight(070°)

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The wind which comes from the tail towards your cockpit is called a tailwind

in other words, it comes from the behind…

or, it is a wind travelling in the same direction of the aircraft

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Thank you all, I understand now. Very appreciated :D

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A quick break down as follows:

HEAD WIND :- Wind in front of you which SLOWS you down. NB aircraft ideally need to take off INTO a head wind as this helps

TAIL WIND:- Wind from behind the aircraft, this will SPEED you up in the air, also will make it tricky to land or take off with the wind behind you.

CROSS (X) WIND :- The wind more from one side or the other. Makes things tricky but not impossible to land and take off. you will have to use the rudder more to stop being blown sidewise.

Do a bit of research using google, or other search engines, to find out more!

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Basically try to avoid the runway with a high tailwind.


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So the wind is coming from the Aircarft

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Will do!


Max Sez… A Tail wind is one which flows on the “reciprocal” of your direction of flight!

(Reciprocal Headings=. Greater than 180* subtract 180*… Less than 180* add 180*)

(Professional Knoweldge Gained: Winds? What is the “Bernoulli Principle”?


if the wind direction is from behind the aircraft…ie it is PUSHING the aircraft along.

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Ahhhh ok I get it

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It is the contrary of headwind.

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Tailwind is a also turkish livery ,
Tailwind Airlines


A tailwind is basically what makes flight faster, maybe 15-20 minutes ahead of schedule. I remember my BA flight to New York. That was some headwind, it took so long. That’s the thing with the transatlantic flights.

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One wind you don’t want to run into when on final.

But I am certain about 20 different posts would follow, on various aspects, horizontal and vertical, own experiences and so on and so forth.

It seems so much more better to not look it up on the Internet but to ask it here. It is a community thing I guess :-)

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@Captain_Dan http://www.physicsclassroom.com/mmedia/vectors/pl1.gif


In a nutshell! I am impresssed :-)

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