What is a Scary, Interesting or Humorous story you have from an Airport or on a Flight?

Today I had a flight as always getting ready and happy because I got a window seat that I paid for turns out as soon as I get the plane there is no window but instead a panel with no window


That is the worse… along with misaligned windows! Honestly I’d just ask the flight attendants for a swap, or some form of compensation lol

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I don’t think that’ll work as most of the time it isn’t their fault. Nowadays airlines seem to never give you compensation for anything.

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I mean it would be nice to put it on their website to show when your booking it’s not actually a window seat, right? Why pay extra?

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Yeah fair enough.

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Idk lol just reading his story made me mad, even if you had a middle/aisle row you at least can look over to see outside lol… this? Nothing

That situation almost happened to me whilst I was flying with school on a trip but I was sat in the wrong seat luckily. Otherwise I would’ve been so annoyed.

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In fact, I might as well share this story:

Flew from Tampa-LaGuardia (summoning @whyevenbothernaming and @Delta174J for that route lol) in a JetBlue a320M, aka new configuration… this meant the very back row had no window either. Me and my dad were situated in the second to last row, and my mom and brother got seats towards the wing. Behind me, I could hear some folks really disappointed… upset… and mad they had no window back there. I don’t blame them lol


There’s one memorable flight that I was on, but not for a good reason.

TL;DR My back was in a whole lot of pain after my flight on Frenchbee, a low cost carrier. I guess I got what I paid for…

Back in September 2023, I was heading to Paris for the first time. I didn’t have the budget to fly on prestigious airlines like Air France or Delta, so I looked for budget friendly alternatives. I found out about Frenchbee, a French low-cost carrier based at Paris Orly. A round-trip from LAX to Orly was quite cheap, so I booked the flight right away.

The first hour or two into the flight was uneventful. It was a rather boring flight; I didn’t have wired headphones with me to connect to the IFE. Frenchbee did offer headphones for purchase or they were complimentary if passengers upgraded to a Main Cabin ticket (I got the Basic ticket). Therefore, I just decided that after dinner service I would go to sleep for the next 5-6 hours of the flight.

Frenchbee’s Economy Class seats can recline further than the average Economy Class seats, which is a selling point for passengers (but not for me; I’ll explain). The seats are made of the same leathery materials that can be found on most domestic, low cost carriers; they reminded me of Southwest’s seats the most. So, I was excited to sleep away in a comfortable seat that reclines very far back on an Airbus A350, which is a much quieter aircraft compared to other long haul aircrafts I’ve flown on like the 777 and it lived up to its promise of a quiet flight. As the cabin lights dimmed for passengers to sleep, I reclined my seat as far back as it could go and settled for the night.

And just 10-15 minutes after I tried to settle in, my personal nightmare started, and it lasted for the entire flight. I started to fumble around in my seat a lot, trying to find the right spot for me to get comfortable. I tried sitting up, sitting on my sides, sitting with my legs crossed, lying in my seat in a way that my belly pointed up in the air, but nothing worked to get me comfortable. “Gosh, why is my seat so gosh darn uncomfortable?”, I thought to myself. My lower back and bottom started to get really really sore. Moving around in my seat so much caused me to start building up body heat, and I eventually started to sweat. I took off my hoodie and placed it behind my back to hopefully add more cushion to the seat, but it wasn’t enough. I placed a pillow and a blanket behind my back to add even more cushion to add comfort for my back, but that still wasn’t enough. Good god, this was the most uncomfortable seat I’ve ever sat on for a 10 hour flight.

I sighed, “I shouldn’t be complaining too much because the fare was quite cheap. I get what I paid for, I guess”. But to add even more insult to my troubles, I looked around the cabin and I saw so many passengers already asleep and comfortable in their seats; one of them even snored so loud. I kept trying and trying to get comfortable, but to no avail. At one point, I started to get up and simply walked around the cabin because my back was completely obliterated from the stiff seat that I sat on. I thought, “Maybe I should walk around, stretch for a bit, and cool down from my dilemma. Then, I’ll go back to my seat and try again”. And I tried again, but regardless of how much I tried, I failed every single time.

Weirdly enough, the only thing that ever made me comfortable in my seat was when we encountered turbulence. For some reason, the turbulence turned my seat into a massage chair and gosh I’ve never felt so comfortable. Sadly, the turbulences didn’t last long and I eventually returned to my original problem. I was stuck like this for the remainder of the flight.

After we landed, boy was I excited to finally escape from this prison that deprived so much of my energy and emotional wellbeing (I actually felt like I was going to get sick and cry; my back was in quite a lot of pain). Although I was really excited to get to the hotel, I literally collapsed in bed due to how much sleep I’ve lost and how much jet lag I was in. After my Paris vacation (I barely got any sleep during my entire vacation)… sigh I had the same problem on my flight home. Fortunately though, I was completely exhausted enough to care that I managed to sleep for the majority of the flight heading home.

I guess maybe next time when I return to Paris, I’ll spend a bit more money to fly on a flag carrier. If not, I’ll be sure to bring a whole mattress onto my next Frenchbee flight.


Not mine but my dads story.

My dad had to regularly take trips to asia for work. This time he was in Seoul, so he was scheduled to fly ICN-SFO on July 6, 2013. But my mom wanted to celebrate independence day, unlike his Korean and European colleagues, so his company scheduled him to fly back to SFO and July 2nd, and then to our home in Phoenix. He also bought a bunch of water on the plane because it was hot aboard and also in San Francisco and Phoenix, considering he lived in Belgium for some years prior, he grew to hate hot environments, so he chose to sit at the back of the plane ao he could go to the bathroom and noone wanted to sit in the back, so he got a free seat next to him. 4 days later, July 6 2013, my dad saw to news that Asiana flight 214 crashed.

So my dad how have potential been in the back of flight 214.


Wow. That’s scary.

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Just arrived into srq, chatted with the captain.

I noticed that there was a sticker that said something like “CAT III”, knowing about how it lands the aircraft by itself, I asked why the sticker was there. He said that that specific aircraft’s Nav 2 system had some sort of malfunction, and that it was in the maintenance log (then he showed me mentioned log) and that aircraft was not aloud to fly category two or three ils approaches. It will get fixed the best time the aircraft goes through deep maintenance. This led me to ask about how low they usually keep autopilot on during approach, and he said it’s usual person preference, some people turn it off thousands of feet up, and others keep it on until 80 feet above the ground. I also asked about climbing rates, and he told me something cool about the New York area; there’s rarely a constant climb with diff vertical speeds at diff altitudes, but in the New York area usually your cleared up to 5000 before anything, and then 7000, and up from there. I’ll take note of these for more realism in my sim


Ok so i would assume you guys know about the “funny pilot” video where this westjet pilot make this HILAROUS safety briefing and the flight attendant was just laughing. Well, i was on that flight. It was a flight from Calgary to Kitchener Waterloo intl. we were in a 737-700. I specifically was laughing at the “itsy bitty teeny weeny polka dot bikini’s!”. Also, I remember later that day we went to a Swiss chalet (Canadian restaurant) and our waiter got really mad at us because we wanted to order right away!