What Is a Route That You are Surprised is Flown Out of Your Home Airport?

What flights are you surprised are flown out of your home airport (or any airport really)?

For me I am surprised that Qatar Airways fly their A359 to and from Doha into my home airport of PHL. I’m sure that there is a pretty big market from Philly to the Middle East, but considering that we’re only a few hours driving from New York and DC. I’m surprised that this is a profitable route for Qatar.


Probaly the Samaritains Purse DC-8 (50 year old aircraft) earlier this week


Just the other day an A350 from Lufthansa landed in Belgrade! A very rare sight! This was the 2nd time an A350 has ever came to my hometown. Sadly was not able to see it irl but on FR24.


for me it would air force one, usually flys into stansted every time the president comes to the uk

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For a little while it was Norwegian Airlines. They were flying direct to Ireland and other Europe destinations daily from Stewart International here in Orange County NY. The flights were as little as $80 sometimes! They advertised constantly $90 flights.

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Atlas Global A330😂

Only 1 commercial flight operates out of my home airport 😢


Condor flies their 767s from Frankfurt and Icelandair flies their 757s from Reykjavik to PANC.


But im most proud of all the KLM blue at EHAM. Love the 100 years B78X

Delta RDU-Paris

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Well, nothing, really. Since DFW is AA’s main hub, no routes surprise me.

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For me, it would be DE2091, KPDX to EDDF. Was rather surprised when I first found out about this route.

Condor uses their 767 on this route.

Definitely the Qatar A350, and the BA 787, and fortunately I live right under the usual approach they use for 06, but unfortunately, Durban has bipolar weather, for example, it’ll be super hot, but very cloudy, or, like right now, scorching hot and suddenly stormy.

We had a Koeran Air 777 Stop by once cuz of a bomb threat

Was it an emergency landing?

Nope, it was because of a football match between Bayern Munich and Red Star I think.

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A lot of plane from europe going to LA or San fran any of western major city flown over my house i live in Alberta, Canada and a lots of times airlines like British airways, KLM, Air Frace fly over my house and even sometimes i see in Flightrader24 Singapore airlines longest flight to newark over my house too!


Air Antwerp Fokker 50 into eglc every day👍
Nice to see them still around Europe

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Question are they pass on purpose for check in or anything?

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What do you mean @LeonardIF18
It’s a scheduled flight…