What is a report?

for getting grade 2 it has given to achieve reports In 7 days, month ,what is that mean

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No you don’t want reports, a report is when you have done something agents the rules, you don’t want to get reports, or violations!

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It means where a user thinks you have broken the rules and it suspends you from the Expert Server for a week. I think

“report” is a synonym for “ghost” in infinite flight.


Depends on the grade and how many you have

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I believe 3 reports from other pilots get you ghosted, while ATC can report you just once for your to get ghosted. Also what the 7 day thing means is that you’ve gotta wait 7 days before you can access the expert server again.


Yes, that is the best way to explain it!

That feature was disabled, for everyone except for mods and a select few people who can ghost as a pilot not actively controlling.

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Ahh gotcha, I know mods can auto ghost as pilot or ATC

To sum up:

  • Reports (aka ghostings) are given exclusively on the expert server.
  • Reports are given by moderators or active ATC controllers for behaving in such a way that violates rules and disrupts other traffic (not following directions, taxing through others).
  • The sections you see on your grade table are the number of reports in 3 fixed amounts of time. The time starts rolling right from when you get the report.
  • Depending on your grade, the requirement for the maximum amount of reports in each period varies.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Pls do not get a report! You do not achieve reports! It is not fun.

If a MOD is flying around TS1, and catches someone with an inappropriate callsign, he will get reported.

Yep! Always do the right thing on expert. ;)

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