What is a plane that you fly the least? (Only commercial planes)

What is one plane that you fly the least? Remember the CRJ’s and the Embrear E-jets.

I hardly fly the A340.

Me too, the only route I would fly in it would be KIAD - FAOR.

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The 757, I haven’t flyed with it but still a good plane

  • 717
  • 737-700
  • 767
  • A340
  • A380
  • CRJ-1000
  • Q400
  • All the ERJs
  • MD-11
  • DC-10

That’s a lot of planes, how about the C208 and Dash-8 Q400? Would the C208 be considered commercial in some scenario?

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Mostly the 717/A340/77L/E195/747-8/767

Commercial plane?

In the title it says that.

717 and A340 ( I really want and A340 and 757 rework tho )

I’ll fly anything if it’s on the route, but I haven’t really flown the A318 and 757.


I really want a B757 rework.


YESSSS!! this is what we need in IF.


The A318 is not a bad plane i flew the London City route to JFK and it was really fun you should try the A318 sometime.

A320 - I fly all the time across the globe on 1-5 hour flights. A318 is rare.
A330 - Haven’t flown much recently, more on Boeing aircraft for long hauls. Haven’t flown the -200F in like 1½ years.
A340 - Very very rarely fly.
A350 - Generally a very common aircraft I fly on long hauls since they fly across the globe to most international airports, and fit my needs.
A380 - Not too much, but enough to say I’m experienced and I fly it commonly.
717 - Very very rarely fly.
737 - Most common short/medium haul on 1-7 hour based flights.
747 - Been flying a lot lately on the -400. Loving the aircraft before it’s gone. Other than the -8, I don’t really fly any other models at all.
757 - Meh. Not too much, not too little.
767 - Flown a number of times on long hauls recently with Delta. Actually isn’t that bad of a plane once in the air and have a little experience with.
777 - Very common. Last flew this Tuesday so… not that long ago in my standards of flying.
787 - Not as much as the 777 and A350. I really do love this aircraft the same ars the other two, it’s just less common now for the scheduled hubs and the flights. Expect tomorrow’s, I’ll be flying the 788 in!

wow very detailed lol

We can go ahead and continue in the thread below, thanks.