What is a Normal AOA for a 777-300ER

What is a normal AOA for a 777-300 ER. In the interface bar it allows you to select Angle of Attack or (AOA) what is normal AOA degree. Currently I am cruising at 39,000 or FL390 with a AOA of 2 degrees. Is this normal? what AOA do 777’s usually fly at? What is the normal range for AOA on 777? What is the optimal AOA for a 777? I currently weigh 558,205 lbs am I too heavy to be at FL390? Do I need to be at a lower altitude? Is their a way to reference weight and maximum altitude to cruise at?

Furthermore in the HUD display the hash marks that appear, do they indicate each 5 degree? So if my horizontal bar is at the first hash marsh does that mean my AOA is 5 degrees?

2 degrees is perfectly normal.

what AOA is not normal what is too high? for cruise on a 777-300er

If you have like at least 5-8 degrees that’s probably a problem

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