What is a good plane for long distance travel

Any good planes that are good for long travel

Just wondering

Comfortable wise A340-600, B777-300ER (Depends) and A380


A330 is good


777-200 or 300.

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B777 I’m sure about but the rest not so sure

And the a330 I’m sure is good.i flown on it.😄

If you’ve been on the A340-600 or A380 trust me they’re a bit more silent and comfortable then the B777 from my own judgement

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The a330 is beautiful!


Oh ok might try the a340-600

But even tho the a380 is good I still don’t want to fly in it.not sure why I think it’s one of Airbus falluire

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Thank you. You make a valid point

The back of A330s are amazing. It’s 2-4-2 usually and there is always a ton of legroom.

Bulkhead seats on the A380 are great as well. Same goes for most long haul aircraft


Yeah love the leg room😄

Ohhh, yeah, Misha.

I flew to and from LHR about two months ago in Virgin Atlantic’s A330-300. Went on a leg from my local airport to Atlanta, then proceeded to catch the outbound flight to Heathrow. I then proceeded to fly back using the A330-300 to Detroit, then caught the leg back to my home airport.

With that said, the A330-300’s 2-4-2 layout is very nice. Plenty of legroom, and Virgin was honestly the best airline I’ve flown on. Got hot towels before takeoff, and those fancy print-out menus, even for the economy class I was traveling in. We kept receiving drinks every hour in the flight and food every two hours. Their IFE had captioning for the movies, and that was all on a ticket that was cheaper than even American Airlines for a long haul…

I personally find that the American airlines are way behind airlines like Virgin, Emirates, Qatar etc and are always the same, if not more expensive. And they don’t have the a380! (My personal fave long haul jet). Always puzzles me why people choose to fly with them long haul when I feel as if there are usually better alternatives (loyalty points?)

Saying that they are getting much better as far as I am aware

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Depends on the airline-Configs can vary (Seat width, putch, type)