What is a good a330 alternative

I want to replicate a flight delta used to do KJFK->LEBL and the used an a330-300. when the rework comes out I will use that but for now what is a good a330 alternative.


a350, b772, b77L


ok that sounds good also what is a good 767 alternative


so right now i am flying KJFK → EHAM and then I will be flying to bill bao in pain (LEBB) and from there I will do bil bao (LEBB) to Barcelona (LEBL)…etc I’ve flown this circuit in real life but I was trying to remember what we did for the return so I asked my mom and she said we did a direct from Barcelona to jfk. so what plane do you guys recommend using (I will be flying delta)

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you could use the 772 or the 77L, the A350 is also another one

probably 777 since the 777 is the competitor of the 330
and the 787 is the competitor is the A350

A340? They’re kinda the same lol

Don’t take the 777, the Delta 777 has been retired. A more believable aircraft substitution would be the Delta A350.

I would say the 757 personally. I know the 757 is used for medium haul flights, but delta uses the 757 for quite a lot of transatlantic flights



If you think that you have enough fuel, use A321


i really hope the delta livery for the new a330 has pratt and Whitney engines

No the a350 was made to counter the 777
And the a330NEO was made to counter the 787

But there still similar since they are related to long haul doesn’t really mean a lot

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