What is a fly out?


It would be amazing if you could answer some of these questions.

What is a flyout?
What happens during a flyout?
How do you do a flyout?
What tips do you have for having a successful flyout (hosting or participating)?

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A flyout is a type of event where people gather at one airport, then fly to different destinations.


Check this tutorial out: Infinite Flight Community Event Tutorial

It’ll answer all your questions


This is an event made for people who wish to create an event on the IFC to fly with others to or from different places to or from the same airport. It’s essentially an event made by members, for members.

People fly, sometimes to different destinations, sometimes to the same destinations.

I recommend that you make threads for these that include details about the airport that you are hosting from, maybe what airline you would choose to include, what planes the airport can handle, whether IFATC would be present, if IFATC is present you can be sure that you may get more sign up, where you want these planes to fly to. There are plenty of fly outs you can take a look at to take inspiration from.

There are no real set guidelines on how to make a successful flyout, however what I recommend you do is contact a VA/VO that would sponsor your fly out. However, be careful though. Pick the right airline. For example, a Malaysia Airline Virtual Airline wouldn’t be sponsoring your event in Bogota Colombia, would they? VA/VO would also bring their pilots into this event, thereby boosting attendance, and perhaps, if you do a great job consistently, you may be headhunted for a staffing position at their VA/VO.

On top of that, a great thread would be beneficial. Everyone wants a nice thread to advertise their airlines on. No top VA/VO would want to be sponsoring a half baked fly out thread that took 2 minutes to put together. So take your time, approach some VA/VO with your idea and present the case to them.

Furthermore, you may want to do some research on the airport you are hosting from. What gates are there? What planes can they handle? There are plenty of variables that you would have to balance if you want a good fly out. However, it is generally recommended that you host the fly out from a large airport that is known globally so that if you do get a good turnout, the airport is ready to handle your capacity.

I wish you all the best in future endeavours with your fly outs if you do choose to host some. I recommend taking a look at these threads on how good fly outs are hosted.


So, it’s an event where you meet at a certain airport and can find community members, interact with other players, and then fly out to other destinations.

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