What is a flight bid system?

Just wondering need to add one to my VA.

I don’t understand. Please explain

On this…
image(Someone uploaded it the other day.

It says flight bid system what is it??

Pilots can bid for a certain route if I’m not wrong.

Okay thanks

A flight bid system is a system that you enter routes and pilots bid on them to fly. However, its a lot more complicated then that, it has all of the “bells and whistles” that some VA will find useful and some will not need. There are tons of paid versons and also some free, you just need to find one that fits your VA.@Islandair @AsianaIFVA

@Islandair… MaxSez:: The majority of US flag carrier airlines use the “Seniority Bid” system. It simple: first in by certification date. eg: Captains Bid with other Captains by date of their attaining the left seat etc.earliest cert date get the best times & routes). Simple, everybody understands this type system. The less complexity in a Bid System the better. ( KISS is a good thing).

(Virtual Airlines Pilots should form a Union. CEO’s and Chief Pilots often become dictators and there bidding systems are complex & weighted on attendance), Unions brake the strangle hold)


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