What is a best use checklist?

hello all love flight.

Now I’ve started to find an easy way to keep track when I’m flying on a trip or travelling.

I don’t want to have to download an app.

But I do want something that’s on paper.
I have used your suggestion a good paper

I hope you can understand

Honestly, just google the checklist for the aircraft, usually people on here make good ones, then just print it off!

No need for a checklist for Infinite Flight really.

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I made one for A319/320/321 if you want

I have an entire binder with the a320/21 checklist, and all procedure and airport charts for my local airports, JFK and LaGuardia 💀

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You can find pretty much each one here on the IFC, that’s what I have printed out

wait you guys use checklist??

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Affirmative. We like the most realistic flight experience.

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Yep, as said I have a whole binder lol

One option could be to grab a travel journal or notebook where you can jot down all the necessary flight info like flight number, departures/arrivals, delays and even your thoughts on the experience. Another idea could be to print out a calendar for the month of your travelling and simply mark down the important travel dates along with your flight schedules.

sound good idea with travel diary or notebook. but I myself don’t know how to start making it. so do you have any tips?

Yes, I want a realistic flying experience.

Have you made it? If yes, I want to see it. Is it from 2023?

I use the app IF checklists. You can choose there a plane and you get the checklist. But Checklists aren’t that important in my opinion

I use flow checks in infinite flight. One of my flight instructors, years ago, got me way into using flow checks along with my normal checklists and it always stuck with me.

For every phase of flight, I flow (usually from top to bottom) on the systems menu…misc, passengers, electrical, engines, etc. I go from bottom to top for shutdown, though. Engines off, seatbelt sign, beacon off, ground services, etc.

There aren’t many systems to worry about in IF and they’re essentially identical from plane to plane…flow checks are a good way to get yourself operationally consistent for each flight, whichever planes you use.

First things first, decide how you want to do it – do you want to write by hand or type on your phone? If you’re old-fashioned like me, get yourself a notebook and pack a pen. Before you set off on your travels, jot down a few things you want to write about in your diary. Then, when you come across something interesting or noteworthy when you’re on the road, make a note of it. Take photos, pick up random souvenirs, and get creative with some stickers and colors. After you’re back home, take some time to mull over everything that happened and make a note of your most enduring memories.

Yes, but it’s not easy to choose what I want

Don’t stress about choosing how to write in your diary! It’s all about what floats your boat. If you’re old-school like me, grab a notebook and pen. But if you’re more into typing on your phone, go for it! Whatever works for you. No need to be formal about it. Just have fun with it! :)

Update: the entire binder, all of the procedures expire today, the 5th, idk what imma do 😭Not like I can go out and replace all them in one night lol

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