What is a 757-200ER?

Today I saw a 757-200ER for the first time ever. As far as I can tell United only has one in their entire fleet of 757s. I can’t find much about it online. I’ve never seen an ER version of the 757 before, so I was hoping someone could provide more information. Does it have a longer range compared to a normal 752? What was changed - fuel tanks, winglets, engines, etc?


I think it’s the winglets. Lots of airlines are putting scimitars on their 757’s with only the top part of it.

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I think the regular 757-200 has winglets applied too. According to Wikipedia and Google, I think the -ER variant is apparently rare?

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One post says that there’s no such things as a 757-200ER.

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The 757-200ER is a Extended Range version of the aircraft if you notice on Flight Aware or Flight Radar 24 you see extended range 757’s being used on transatlantic flights
for reference read below.

“Its just a brand name to, usually, indicate that aircraft has added range over the “standard” version. Its not a technical term or something that’s regulated. Manufacturers can call it anything they want.

For example a 777-200ER has more range than the regular 777-200. It’s basically the same aircraft with very minor changes to the fuel tanks and structure.”
Information Credit AirlinersNet.Com

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From airliners.net there is no official 757-200ER the 757-250 which never saw production would possibly be the ER variant. usually this is as a few others mentioned possibly due to a higher gross weight of the aircraft at the time along with the fitted winglets.


Maybe its a specialized Airliner for UA?

I live in dublin and when I go spotting at Dublin airport I always see the 757-200ER United parked right beside the American and Aer Lingus 757’s.
But I don’t really know about the 757-200ER.

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It’been operating for 20 years. It’s just a normal 752 retrofitted with winglets in 2006.

United seems to operate plenty of them from the old Continental fleet.

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There is actually no such thing as the 757-200ER. There was a proposed 757-250 which would have likely gotten that title, but it never got going. Anyway, sometimes the higher gross weight 757-200s are inaccurately referred to as 757-200ER. The 757-200WL is the name of the winglet variant.

However, Boeing at one point offered a 757-200 with belly fuel tanks and I believe a 4500 Nm range. This specialized variant could also be inaccurately referred to as 757-200ER.

That is just a normal 757

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