What Instrument Order Do You Use?

Dist to Dest
Local Time (Sim)
Bearing to Next (or Landings if flying patterns)
Ground Speed
ETE to Dest
Altitude AGL
Fuel Remaining

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Airspeed, Ground speed, Altitude MSL, Altitude AGL, Fuel remaining, ETE to dest, flight time

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From left to right:

ETE to Dest- Who wouldn’t want to know their arrival time?

Dist to Dest- I would like to know if I meet the distance to contact Approach.

Zulu Time(Real)- It is great to know the Zulu time. I don’t really have the need for this as it shows in the pause menu.

Local Time(Sim)- Like Zulu time, I don’t really have the need as it shows in the pause menu.

Flight Time- How can you not have flight time? How am I going to log a flight for my VA without this?

Fuel Remaining- I hope not to fall out the sky into the Atlantic. Fuel can’t be check via the pause menu unless you are on the ground.

Load- Like fuel, I can’t check my aircraft load in the pause menu whilst airborne. After all, I don’t want to land over MLW.


Airspeed, Ground Speed, Alt MSL, Fuel Remaining, Flight time, Real Time, ETE dest

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I use IFPAX on all flights so flight time is a little more important for me just to operate my flights with maximum professionalism.

But imo we can be thinking more about how to make pilots better than getting peeved by what they like to see on their screen. On expert server I still see pilots taxi through grass, land without landing and strobe lights, tail-strike their takeoffs, and watch the nose attitude of their planes pitch up to 50 degrees. The list goes on and on and on but, I digress.

None of the instruments used on screen is supposed to bug anyone its an interesting conversation to see how people like to set up for their flights (admittedly some not so correctly and can then be helped).

It bugs me that these things would bug you, is it all THAT important?? Lol I tease. Just adding to the chat from with a different perspective :)

You’re taking my response a lot more seriously than I intended. I don’t truly care what others want to have there. It was meant at a light-hearted retort in the same style as a previous response. (You know, the one I quoted…)

It was facetious.

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Lol ok! Didn’t pick that up but I enjoyed writing to you anyway! 😌

It seems like we all have our way of flying where we can’t understand how people fly otherwise. I’m kind of the same way with mine 😅


Airspeed | Altitude (sea level) | Heading (mag) | Yoke | Load | Fuel Remaining | ETE to Dest

nice, I usually am in cockpit view until I am at cruise, then switch to any view (totally not related to anything). LOL