What instructions should I give?

I have to Instruct JJA1301 to follow KAL875.


Hey there! I don’t do ATC much anymore so I’m not sure you can do this, correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you should say “Number 5 traffic to follow is on left crosswind.” If you can’t use crosswind I would instruct him to extend upwind until KAL875 is on the downwind then get them to follow KAL875 on the downwind.

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There is no such command.
It would be better if you sent JJA1301 to 07R. If you really must, just wait until KAL875 is on left downwind, then send number 6, traffic to follow it on left downwind.


I had a feeling there wasn’t that instruction. xD You’re the IFATC you know how to do it.

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Thank you ao much! Now I can solve this problem!

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You wouldn’t make that plane be number 6 on 07L you would have him enter 07R. With his angle already you haven’t done your job. In any case it would be make a right 360 followed by enter right downwind runway 07R. Then instruct ASV331 traffic to folow is on downwind.


That works assuming he can ignore the prereq that he must follow KAL. What if he has to have him follow KAL for the sake of the question?

Anyway, who set this problem up with everyone flying downwind over the field?

@Brandon_Sandstrom would you change ASV331’s altitude in case JAA1301 doesn’t turn fast enough.

How are you going to do that on tower?

Tell him to enter pattern alltitude. One of them.

If he was instructed to enter the pattern shouldn’t he be there anyway?

From the picture apparently not.

To answer your question though no VFR traffic is responsible for sepration

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Also, I assumed he was on Approach because there is 030(down arrow)020 under the callsign.

For the sake of argument that he has to have him fallow KAL he would instruct to Enter Left downwind #6 traffic to follow is on Left downwind. The traffic isn’t but it gets them looking in the proper direction.

I would give ASV331 07R and tell him to enter left down 25L… and tell JJA1301 enter right downwind 25R number 6 traffic to follow on right base… I I would do that. I think Brandon would know better

Heh, yes, I knew the answer, thanks. I was just pointing out that there was a prereq.

I think the whole setup is kind of silly. Why not have him enter right downwind for 07R, but the problem says he has to follow KAL. Especially considering ABV is going to be in the way.

It’s just poorly set up, IMO.

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I know you know the answer I was enlightening the rest of them😉

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