What I'm missing for TL 2

I know there are already several topics talking about this, I also know about the requirements table, in fact, this table I already consult
Comparing the requirements of the table for TL2 and my summary, it is assumed that I already met the requirements to upload
Here I leave 2 images, the table, and the summary of my activity

If someone can explain to me what I need, I would appreciate it very much
Thank you for your attention, greetings and have happy flights


Hey there!

The Infinite Flight Community has changed some of the requirements to reach certain trust levels. As such, the Discourse requirements are different.

The requirements to reach the various trust levels for this Community aren’t available.

Just keep liking, posting, and replying, and you’ll be there in no time! :)


Muchas gracias

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De nada!

Happy to help.


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