What IF?

Let’s talk hypotheticals here.

Given all the features requests from aircraft, animated cockpits, 3D buildings, dynamic weather, advanced maps with weather radar, expanded airport lighting along with all the the things you can do on IF like global flight MMO.

There’s not a mobile device on the market yet to handle all this.

But let’s just say that a group of aliens crashed here 2000 years ago and their ship is deep underground and earth tech is finally catching up to help them.

In exchange for helping the aliens dig a hole to their ship deep underground in LA, this “pridefull” group was given advanced technology.

But this group of “Pride” humans and their runaway kids loved Infinite Flight and wanted to build the ultimate in mobile devices (phones/tablets) to play Infinite Flight on to handle all the features requests

What would the minimum specs have to be to handle all of the things we want in Infinite Flight?


I am failing to see the point in this topic, what are you saying here exactly?

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I’d have a look at the minimum specs needed to run a flight simulator like P3Dv4

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Well let’s see here, while embellishing in some story telling; I’m putting forth a question and an underlining statement that of all the things we want in Infinite Flight in features requests and to help understand why not all features can be accomplished yet under current market conditions… basically what advancements in mobile technology is needed to be attained before we could possibly see such features in the game?

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@DeerCrusher can you explain this to me? I’m a tad confused

Well the number of feature requests and amount of game upgrades that have been suggested to IFLLC would have to be accounted for and they would have to make choices on what to add and what not too. Seeing the current Moblie Phone Restrictions and if there are any new Phones coming out

Adding onto what you are also saying, not every feature request will make it into the game. They would have a priority list or something similar to see what everyone wants before they add it. And they test every new feature lots of times on many different devices so they can get how it runs.

Not sure if this answers your question but I tried

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I’m pretty sure i heard of one company bringing out a gaming phone, maybe that could take it.

Given that this is the only question in this novel, I think the answer would be undefinable. Take the scenery for example. The developers have made it known on a podcast if I recall, that the scenery alone takes hundreds and hundreds of gigabytes. The actual amount is unknown to me personally but for kicks and giggles, let’s play with 500GB. Now, for those that want to fly offline, well, you’ll have to penny up a good chunk of space on your device. That’s before we get to the buildings, ground service equipment, clouds, rain, snow, lightening, and a plethora of other features.

So with all due respect, I think the question you are asking as of this moment is a bit hard to answer because no such device is available to handle everything that this community would like to see.


It would be Gaming PC level. Not your mum’s old laptop and i’m mot sure we won’t see those specs in a phone soon and i don’t think it will go to Computer. It has a good market share here.

Trust me. I’m secretly the CEO of Microsoft. I mean minecraft

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That’s what I’m saying/asking, basically we will have to wait until mobiles become as powerful as my Alien 17? Or do you think that something like what mp3 did for music (h264 for video) is on the horizon for streaming gaming?

To a degree yes, I would forsee it having to be a gaming PC. But Infinite Flight has proven that they can take steps to reduce the footprint that the app leaves on our devices. If you look at the download size from the app store for Infinite Flight compared to some of its competitors, you’ll notice its much smaller than most. Why? Technology and streaming. The developers we have working on this app are doing their best to make the things optimized for as many devices as possible without compromising the quality of the content.


In my opinion (not hinting towards anything development wise), I believe streaming is what will take Infinite Flight into the future. I’m just a pilot and know nothing about coding or computer developments stuff of that nature. By storing massive amounts of the content on a dedicated server or something of that nature, our devices will essentially turn into a display with the storage of the content end of the computer in a different location. The draw back that I think we all can agree on is the lack of being able to fly without internet, but that’s something for the Infinite Flight team to discuss.


So basically like a the “workstation” concept?

Of course I’ve been out since 2006 professionally but something like cloud delivery where you have no storage locally programs (apps) run and stored from a virtual drive?

This is something that is already out there, at least for gaming PCs.

There are companies out there letting anyone rent high end PCs in order to play games over the internet and all that’s needed is a laptop from what I heard.

I agree this is the way to move forward for IF.

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Honestly you would need an iPad the size of a PC or an old box tv LOL

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The “gaming” phones by Razer and ASUS aren’t much, if at all, better than the standard flagship devices. The specs are roughly the same.

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Well it is a good thing that phones are making more space. Look at the iPhone XS with its 512 GB.

Maybe 20 years later, who knows…flight simulator played on mobile phones triumphs playing on computers.

With the upcoming update of new scenery, I guess my phone will lag even more.

I could see current devices severely overheating(mine already gets up to 105F within an hour of running IF) if you tried to run a simulator with those graphic features. You would need a high end gaming tablet(phone) that would probably start getting close to the same parts(or strength) that you’d find in modern day gaming rigs(which a device with that kind of power to run a more advanced simulator would be painfully expensive at that).

I’d say it will take maybe 3-4 years until the high end apple products could handle these features.

Other flight sims have some of these features which can handle well on new devices (though without quite a few infinite flight features that use a lot a of power).