What if you could talk to ATC? Maybe on a new Server?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you we had the option to actually talk to ATC? Not saying that we would take the original ATC off, but maybe build another server where we use our mics to talk to an actual person. I think that would bring the flying experience to ANOTHER LEVEL!!

Like on FSX?

If you watch AirForceProud95


This is a backdoor for trolls to enter, so I don’t think this would ever be implemented. Moderating this every second would be near impossible.
Another topic requesting this was closed for these reasons (Server for pilots who want to fly but talk to atc through mikes).


I agree but maybe there can be like a test or even maybe be a grade level higher. That way it would be people that actually take it serious.

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Don’t forget though, grade has no reflection of skill or ability to cooperate. There is just too broad of a language barrier that may be seen, and I don’t think this would end well in terms of keeping it PG


Welcome to Infinite Flight edition? Casual server 😂…

I thought this but the havoc this could cause to the staff, and people getting annoyed with ATC, rather than a simple command saying unable, or going off frequency. That would be a lot of grade 2’s. If this was made, I’d make it for people with 100,000+xp and certain requirements. Poor Chris having to deal with this workload.

As @Airbus_737 said this is a place where trolls will troll weather we like it or not also not everyone has a mic.