What if we will only be able to use the cockpit view in Expert Servers?

What if for expert server they made it so you can only look out of the cockpit windows, to make it more realistic.

No. This would be

  1. Annoying
  2. Bad for Livestreamers
  3. Bad to know your spacing with traffic.
  4. Cause massive Screenburn

But these are my opinions. If you want to see this implemented, feel free to make a #features request. But you can’t as your only TL1. Keep being active and be a positive member of the community and you’ll reach TL2, so you can make the request!

If you need any help, feel free to contact me!


You couldn’t spot planes

First of all, this should be in either #live or #features.
Secondly, I think that although it may add an element of realism, it would also be very restricting, especially for people that like to take photos.
Thirdly (sorry), I would suggest making the topic title more descriptive.


@anon41771314 yes thoes are all good reasons to say no to it. but its just a idea.

This is more likely a preference. In this flight simulator I find it very hard to use just the cockpit itself. Using the HUD view helps me with crosswind landings, especially that most aircraft yet does not contain any live instrumentals yet.

I do not find any difference between two anyways. Any of the views (HUD, Captain) is still realistic and the accessibility is the same.


Dang, you guys bashed him down way to quickly. This is quite a unique and, quite frankly, strange idea, but I like it. However, couldn’t you achieve this by… ya know… just staying in cockpit mode? 😅


What does this have to do with the post? He did nothing wrong…

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Sorry that was meant to go on my original post

It was just suggestion chill out… just because you highly doubt it does not mean that this will never happen.

Jeez guys


To be honest, I’m a bit intrigued. Yes, it has its downsides, but it would also increase the realism factor by quite a bit. I wouldn’t mind seeing this sometime in the future, after we’ve covered the main priorities such as fully functional aircraft and lighting. Good idea!

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Being honest, I wouldn’t really like having only cockpit view. I like to use exterior views sometimes. But if this was implemented as a setting, that opens up some new possibilities, and would likely make more people happy.

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There are blindspots that are not there IRL though cuz you can change the camera location

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Cockpit view, maybe but HUD has to stay on the screen.
I wouldn’t have too much against removing FPV though
One thing though, if there is a huge arrival line at FNF or something you probably want everything single thing to help you land to avoid a go around and potentially running out of fuel.

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